Payton Planar Magnetics Introduces a Line of Low Profile Resonant Transformers with Extended Ferrites for Improved Cooling Under 8mm



The demand for low profile, high efficiency magnetics , is driving the need for high performance planar transformers to be used in extreme low profile power converters such as in the flat screen industry. Technical Data: The low profile restriction for components needed in the flat screen industry has challenged Payton to develop a standard line of under 8mm height transformers for natural cooling. Our 200Watt (55mm x 40mm x 8mm) transformer is designed for a resonant half bridge operation. Payton can design the low profile transformers for many switch mode topologies with operating frequencies of over 200khz. The input voltage is 400V with over 3000Vrms isolation and full 8mm creepage and clearance. The total power losses are under 3.8 watts with 40°C temperature rise with no additional cooling. The efficiency of this magnetic is in the 98% range. The parts can be used without a heatsink. About Payton Planar Magnetics Payton America Inc., a Deerfield Beach, Florida company, designs, manufactures and markets Planetics®, a custom line of planar transformers and inductors to Original Equipment Manufacturers and their suppliers of power electronics. Payton's headquarter is in Israel, with manufacturing in Florida, Israel and China. For more information, please visit Payton's web site at