PCB Connectors Plug in Any Position, No Tools Required


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World’s first direct connector with push-in spring connection: SDC 2.5 and SDDC 1.5 Series suit industrial automation, building technology and more

New Phoenix Contact SKEDD PCB connectors feature an innovative new plug-in technology and can be mounted directly onto PCBs in any position without using tools. Launched recently by Phoenix Contact, the SDC 2.5 Series and SDDC 1.5 Series are now available in Europe at TTI, Inc.

SKEDD technology enables Phoenix Contact SDC 2.5 Series and SDDC 1.5 Series PCB connectors to be directly mounted on the board via through contact bore holes and are the world’s first direct interconnect with push-in spring connection.  They require no tools or additional header and are compact, secure and cost-effective.  Simply placed in any position on the PCB, then inserted and locked, body-bound rivets on the side of the connector ensure reliable and vibration-resistant connection. As SKEDD direct-connection technology enables flexible positioning on the PCB by hand and without tools, they reduce process costs and lower component count. Phoenix Contact SKEDD PCB connectors have colour-coded push buttons for intuitive operation and easy handling.  As well as being easy to place, they can also be removed easily multiple times if required, and incorporate an integrated test option which is quick and convenient. 

Phoenix Contact PCB connectors with SKEDD technology are available in a range of pitches, conductor cross sections and positions and suit a wide range of industries and applications, including building technology, industrial automation and infrastructure.

For more information about TTI, please visit www.ttieurope.com.