PEAK electronics expands mini converter series with 30W, 40W, and 50W models



PEAK electronics has expanded its proven 2:1 DC/DC converter series with additional 30, 40 and 50 W power types targeting applications in industrial control, electrical power, instrumentation, telecommunications, and similar applications. The PMT-series P30WG with 30 W and the PMT-series P40WG with 40 W are families of cost effective single and dual output DC-DC modules with a wide input range of 2:1. The input voltage ranges are 9 - 18 V, 18- 36 V and 36 - 72 V. The converters provide regulated output voltages from 3.3 V up to 15 V DC, both for single and dual versions. The 30 W series is also available as PMTW-series P30WG with 4:1 ultra-wide input and single, dual and triple output. All converters are encapsulated in nickel coated brass 2 x 1 inch metal cases with high performance features: 1.6 kV DC I/O isolation voltage, continuous short circuit protection with automatic restart and tight line / load regulation, over current protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection. PEAK electronics' DC/DC converters PME04-series PE50WG with 50 W power offer a 2:1 wide input range and a single output. The input voltage ranges are 18- 36 V and 36 - 72 V, the regulated output voltages go from 3.3 V up to 24 V DC. The I/O isolation is 1.5 kV DC. The 50 W converters are available in a 2 x 1 inch aluminum case. PEAK electronics