Peltier Cooling Units Offer Improved Thermal Performance



CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group announced the addition of two new models to its Peltier cooling unit  product offering. The CPM-2C and CPM-2H carry 7 A and 8.5 A current ratings respectively, adding to the 6 A current rating of the previously released CPM-2F. As complete Peltier cooling units, the CPM models feature a tighter seal structure for water resistance and absorption of thermal stress as well as easy installation. With wide temperature deltas up to 85.9°C (Th=50°C) and 70 mm x 70 mm package sizes, these thermoelectric cooling units are well suited for industrial, refrigeration, and sealed applications where forced air cooling is not an option.

In addition to their tight seal structure and easy installation, the CPM models also integrate CUI Devices’ innovative arcTEC structure. This unique construction utilizes a combination of thermally conductive resin between the ceramic and copper on the cold side of the module, high temperature solder, and larger P/N elements made from premium silicon ingot. When combined, these features reduce stress on the module and improve performance during thermal cycling conditions, while enabling faster, more uniform cooling.

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