PEM to unveil next-generation Rogowski CWT current probes at PCIM Europe



A CWT Shielded Mini coil, threaded through the legs of a TO-247 semi-conductor package

In addition to its full range of Rogowski waveform transducers, probes and industrial sensors, which includes the CWT and RCT ranges, Power Electronic Measurements (PEM UK) Ltd will be using this year’s PCIM show to launch its next-generation CWT current probes for high-speed and high power-density applications.

Clip-on Rogowski current probes provide a convenient and accurate means of measuring alternating currents. PEM’s latest wideband probes use an innovative shielding technique to eliminate the effects of high field strengths in today’s high power-density and high-speed circuits.

Dr Chris Hewson, PEM’s Managing Director, will also be introducing the new probes during his Vendor presentation on ‘Next Generation Rogowski Current Probes’ on Tuesday, 20th May 4.00 – 4.20pm.