Picor's New Cool-ORing® 48V and 12V High-Side Active ORing Solutions



Picor, a subsidiary of Vicor Corporation specializing in the design and development of high-performance power management solutions, announces two additions to its Cool-ORing® Active ORing product family. Primarily intended for 12V and 48V high-side redundant bus applications, the PI2127 is a full-function Active ORing solution and the PI2007 is a universal high-speed discrete Active ORing controller. Both address a broad range of redundant intermediate bus requirements for high-availability systems such as servers, high-end computing, telecom and communications infrastructure systems. The PI2127 is a complete high-density, full-function Active ORing solution with an integrated high-speed ORing MOSFET controller and a very low on-state resistance MOSFET. This integrated solution minimizes PCB area and design complexity needed to achieve an ideal ORing diode function. The PI2127's internal MOSFET maintains an on-resistance as low as 8.5 m? resulting in very high efficiency and low power loss in steady-state operation, while also achieving very fast turn-off, typically within 80 ns, during input power source fault conditions that cause reverse current flow. The PI2127 is a 60V-rated solution that delivers up to 12A over a wide range of operating temperature of -40°C to 140°C; in System-in-Package format, it occupies a thermally enhanced 7 mm x 8 mm land grid array outline. The PI2007 is a universal high-speed high-side Active ORing controller IC designed for use with single or paralleled N-channel MOSFETs in redundant power system architectures. The PI2007 controller is optimized for use in 12V and 48V high-side redundant power architectures, including systems with a wide range input voltage of 36V to 75V that are also required to operate during input voltage transients up to 100 V for 100 ms. It enables an extremely low power loss solution with fast dynamic response to fault conditions, with 80ns reverse current turn-off delay time and 4 A gate peak discharge current capability to turn off the MOSFET very quickly. The PI2007 also checks for shorted FETs at system power-up. Both devices feature an internal charge pump for high-side applications, and provide a fault flag output during reverse current, excessive forward over-current and UVLO fault conditions. Pairing the PI2007 with Picor's PI2003, which is optimized for low side operation, enables a complete high-side/low-side chip-set solution for wide-range 48 V telecom applications. Picor's Cool-ORing solutions reduce power losses by up to 90% over conventional diode ORing solutions, simplifying thermal management, reducing board real estate by over 50% and achieving benchmark dynamic response versus conventional Active ORing. www.vicorpower.com/picor