Piezo Sounder Achieves Higher Sound Pressure in Same Footprint



Murata Electronics has newly developed the PKMCS0909E48H0-R1 SMD Piezo Sounder at 4.8 KHz which is a new and improved model from the current SMD sounder (PKMCS0909E4000-R1).The new sounder uses the same 9mm x 9mm footprint, is 1mm taller, uses new materials, operates at 800 Hz higher in frequency and boosts the sound pressure level to 75dB (+/- 2.5V0-p 4.8 kHz , square wave , 10cm). This allows for a greater sound pressure level which was previously only available in a larger size, non SMD sounder.

Targeted applications include consumer, commercial and industrial applications where audible feedback or alarm notification is required for the operator, such as:

  • Home White Goods/Kitchen Appliances
  • Point Of Sale Electronic Registers
  • Healthcare Equipment
  • EDP equipment
  • Industrial Controls/Instrumentation

Additional Specs:

  • SPL: 75dB typ. (+/-2.5V0-p, 4.8kHz, square wave, 10cm
  • Size: 9mm (same footprint as previous PKMCS0909E4000-R1 model)
  • Height: t=3.0mm (1.1mm higher than PKMCS0909E4000-R1)

More information, sample requests, stock check and technical support can be found here.