Piocotest's latest programmable supplies offer continuous autoranging and power-sequencing capability



P961xA Series programmable, single-output DC power supply

Picotest, a leader in high-resolution test and measurement equipment, has announced the availability of the P961xA Series of programmable, single-output DC power supplies with continuous autoranging and power sequencing capability. The P9610A (105W 36V/7A) and P9611A (150W 60V/6A) offer features and performance not found on competing models costing twice as much.

The autoranging feature eliminates the need to manually select the optimum range allowing all of the power to be available across all of the voltage and current settings.

These “Mixed Mode” (Switched Efficiency + Linear Performance) supplies feature excellent accuracy, resolution, regulation, low noise, and superior transient response for faster recovery and better stability.
• Resolution - Voltage 1mV, Current 0.21mA
• Accuracy - Voltage 0.05%+10mV, Current 0.2% + 10mA
• Regulation - Load <0.01%+2MV,<0.01%+250uA, Line 0.01%+2mV, 0.01%+250uA
• Noise - P9610A - <0.35mVrms/<2mVp-p, P9611A - <0.5mVrms/<3mVp-p
• Transient Response - <30us (P9610A)/50us (P9611A) - output to recover to within 15mV following a change in output current
• Stability - 0.02% +1mV/0.1% +3mA (P9610A), 0.05% +10mV/0.15% +2mA (P9611A), maximum change in output per °C after a 30min. warm-up

They are very lightweight (< 2.5kgs (5.5 lbs)) and stackable and meet the safety requirements of EN/IEC 61010-1 and EMC 61326-1:2013.

Switched efficiency + linear performance
A highly efficient switching converter allows the power supply to be very light yet supply full power at any voltage. The tracking linear regulator reduces the ripple and noise and provides the high speed response to transients. Isolating the noise, with low input-output voltage in the linear, created design challenges that took Picotest nearly three years to perfect.

Programming and protection
The supplies have very accurate programming resolution (voltage 1mV, current 0.21mA) and support an output sequencing mode that allows the user to control detailed timing sequences useful in powering digital circuitry. Programming utilizes standard SCPI commands. The units are code compatible with the Keysight E3632A power supply.

The power supplies are designed to both protect the DUT and the power supply with over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection. They can withstand continuous short circuits or repetitive short circuits up to 13 times per second. This is much more robust that many competing supplies.

Pricing and Availability
The power supplies are available immediately. The P9610A is priced at $735 and the P9611A is priced at $630.

Other Features and Benefits
• Highest Quality Yet Competitively Priced
• P9610A 108W (36V/7A), P9611A 150W (60V/6A)
• Optical controls - Don’t get dirty or wear out
• GPIB and USB Interfaces available
• Programming Compatible with the Keysight E3632A
• Remote sense, Master -Slave Operation (P9610A only)
• Three-year warranty