Plessey shortlisted for British Engineering Awards


Thin GaN on Si process yields higher throughputs and lower costs than competing processes

Click image to enlarge: Next generation products will integrate HBLED with EPIC sensor technology.

Plessey has been shortlisted for its new HBLED (High Brightness LED) products in the British Engineering Excellence Awards 2012 Electronics Product Category. The winners will be declared on 25 October 2012 in London. Plessey's technology results in LEDs that are significantly less expensive than existing LEDs. The company will fabricate its HB-LED products in a high-volume semiconductor production facility on standard silicon substrates, rather than on the more expensive sapphire or silicon carbide substrates. The firm's technology uses GaN on 6-inch silicon substrates, which will be manufactured at its Plymouth facility. It uses a much thinner GaN layer at only 2.5 μm compared to 6 to 8 μm in other GaN on Si technologies. This means less deposition time, so that the firm can achieve higher throughputs and lower costs. For the next generation products, Plessey intends to integrate its HBLED products with its EPIC sensor technology to provide smart lighting products for even greater energy savings and carbon footprint reductions. Plessey Semiconductor