Plug Power President & CEO Andy Marsh presenting at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2013 in Vancouver



Plug Power, a leader in providing clean, reliable energy solutions, announced that President and CEO, Andy Marsh, will be presenting at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2013 (HFC2013) conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre, where this year's theme is "Power, Transportation & Energy Storage: An Industry on the Move." HFC2013 is an international tradeshow for the hydrogen and fuel cell technology industry. It is expected that more than 1,000 delegates will be in attendance from 50-plus countries, including Canada, Germany, US, Japan, Korea and China. The event features prominent industry and government leaders as keynote speakers, as well as sessions focusing on key issues and new initiatives within the sector. Marsh's presentation, entitled "Moving Product with Fuel Cells," will be part of the Plenary 5: End-User Forum being held in Ballroom A from 8:30-10:00 am today. Marsh will discuss Plug Power's background and current strategic plans, and will provide insight into the rapidly growing opportunities for worldwide adoption of environmentally friendly power solutions such as hydrogen-based fuel cells, in the material handling industry and beyond. Marsh plans and directs all aspects of Plug Power's policies and objectives. He is focused on leveraging Plug Power's technological expertise, talented people and sales growth to position the company as a leader in the future alternative energy economy. A member of the Board of Directors for the California Hydrogen Business Council, a non-profit group comprised of organizations and individuals involved in the business of hydrogen. Previously, Marsh was the co-founder and CEO of Valere Power, a company that revolutionized the powering of broadband networks. He also had a distinguished career at Lucent Technologies, marketing and developing advanced power products. Plug Power is a trailblazer in the development and production of PEM fuel cells that use hydrogen and oxygen to create energy. Founded in 1997, the company has been expanding its reach with clients that have large material distribution centers in three major market segments: food distribution, retail and manufacturing. Plug Power currently has 44 total site deployments, including BMW Manufacturing in South Carolina, which operates the largest hydrogen fuel cell fleet in North America at its 4 million square foot production facility. Details of this highly impressive and successful implementation will be included in the presentation. "Plug Power is fully committed to meeting the needs of end-users who are looking for clean, sustainable solutions for powering their production equipment," said Andy Marsh, Plug Power president and CEO. "I am happy to share my vision of a hydrogen-powered future that has a positive environmental impact, eliminates the need for lead-acid batteries, improves operational efficiency and productivity, and provides a strong return on investment." Plug Power