PoE Plus single-port jack integrates all necessary power device controller circuitry and ethernet connectivity


PoE Plus single-port jack integrates all necessary power device controller circuitry and ethernet connectivity

Integrating all necessary Power Device controller circuitry and Ethernet connectivity, the PDJack™ PoE Plus single-port integrated controller Power Device (PD) jack from Molex is a complete off-the-shelf PoE Plus Power Device solution. "For over a decade Molex has been involved in PoE connector development and understands the complexities involved in successfully meeting stringent and difficult requirements such as IEEE802.3at compliance, interoperability, thermal management and EMI standards," says Diarmuid Cullinan, product manager, integrated products division, Molex. "Based on the RJ45 connector, the magnetic PDJack connector is the first integrated Power Device jack in the market to combine PoE Plus Power Device controller circuitry and bridge rectifiers with gigabit magnetics in one connector, providing a complete drop-in single port solution." In developing the PDJack connector Molex has partnered with Microsemi™ to use its PD controller PD70200. The Microsemi PD70200 meets all PD side standards, such as detection, classification, integrated isolation switch with inrush current limiter and over-current protection, and two events classifications for PoE Plus power. "Implementing PoE PD capability using the PDJack connector is the easiest and quickest way possible," adds Cullinan. In comparison to using discrete solutions, the PDJack connector provides cost savings by reducing complex engineering and testing requirements, the purchasing of fewer components, simplified production and significantly faster time-to-market. Mounting directly onto the customer's PCB, the Molex PDJack connector manages all aspects of the PoE operation: detection, power limit classification and safe power-up and power down of Power Devices, such as IP phones, IP cameras, Wireless Access Points, control panels, vision systems and point of sale (POS) units. The PDJack connector supplies up to 25.5 Watts of power at 37 to 57 Volts; it features 2 pins for power output and standard signal pins to provide Ethernet connectivity. Additional pins allow power-up of an external DC-DC converter. PoE Plus according to the IEEE standard requires Cat5 cable or higher. Molex Incorporated