Portable Power Stations Feature 80% Residual Capacity



EnerVision Inc. is a Cary, NC-based company with operations and manufacturing in China. The company has been under development for the past two years, completing the final design recently with two products ready to launch, the EV200 and EV450.

EnerVision Inc. introduces products that are more environmentally friendly and more portable with higher capacity for the consumers. The EV200 is compact, weighing in at only 3.2lbs, but have a high battery capacity of 190Wh. The EV450 comes in at only 7.94lbs but with a capacity of 444Wh, which is powerful enough to jumpstart a car. EV200 has a Type C charging port, one of very unique features of its kind on the market. Both products are the smallest and lightest portable power stations, yet, have higher capacity and affordable Li-ion battery portable power stations.

Each of the two power station has a 500 life cycle (80% residual capacity), can be charged via solar panel for more eco-friendly boost and only uses premiere Li-ion battery cells from LG Chem and ATL, two of the top four Li-ion battery cell manufacturers in the world.

EnerVision will first launch on Indiegogo, being certified by the Arrow Electronics Certification Program, starting mid Jan. 2019.

For more information about EnerVision Portable Power Stations go to https://enervisionbattery.com/