Power Detector Family With Integrated Directional Couplers


MACOM’s new power detector family covers 2 – 6, 6 – 18 and 10 – 30 GHz frequency ranges

Lowell, Massachusetts– MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”) announced its new MACP Series of high-performance power detectors with integrated, low loss directional couplers, optimized for power monitoring and leveling in point-to-point radios, ISM, radar, VSAT, EW and aerospace and defense applications. The integrated solution of the directional coupler and temperature compensated detector circuit enables customers to dramatically simplify their system designs and lower BOM costs while preserving valuable board space.

The new MACP Series power detectors operate in frequency ranges from 2 – 6 GHz (MACP-010571), 6 – 18 GHz (MACP-010572) and 10 – 30 GHz (MACP-010573), and provide low insertion loss and high directivity enabling power monitoring along a transmission line. The devices are housed in lead-free, 1.5 x 1.2 mm surface mount plastic packaging compatible with standard pick and place assembly equipment.

“For system designers seeking plug-and-play ease of use and design flexibility, MACOM’s MACP Series power detectors provide an elegant, integrated power monitoring solution,” said Graham Board, Senior Director of Product Marketing, MACOM. “This family of footprint compatible detectors covers 2 to 30 GHz. Through the integration of the directional coupler and temperature compensation circuit, we have developed easy to use, robust and cost-effective power detector solutions that are suitable for multiple power sensing missions.” 

MACOM’s MACP Series power detectors are available to customers today. For assistance identifying MACOM products optimized to substitute or replace offerings from other vendors, visit MACOM’s Cross Reference tool.

For more information about MACOM, please visit www.macom.com.