Power Factor Correction GaN Reference Design Simplified for Server, Automotive, and Industrial Applications


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AC to DC Power System Development Simplified for Server, Automotive and Industrial Applications

GOLETA, Calif.—Transphorm Inc. released the first complete 3.3-kilowatt (kW) continuous conduction mode (CCM) bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) reference design for high-voltage (HV) Gallium Nitride (GaN) power systems.

The technical blueprint is used to develop AC to DC applications:

  • High-end front-end PFCs for merchant power supplies (servers, gaming, crypto mining, and similar multi-kW high density applications)
  • On-board chargers for plug in hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV)
  • Broad industrial power supplies


Download the TDTTP3300-RD reference design here.

High efficiency products, minimal expertise required

Transphorm designs and manufactures the highest quality, highest reliability 650 V GaN platform, yielding the only JEDEC and AEC-Q101 HV GaN transistors. The reference design delivers 99 percent efficiency using Transphorm’s 3rd generation 650 V GaN FET technology (TP65H050WS – 50 mΩ on-resistance) in an industry-preferred, robust TO-247 power package.

Website: transphormusa.com

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