Power inductor series suits height-constrained applications



Murata Power Solutions today announced the 2700 and 2700T series of surface mount ultra-low profile power inductors aimed at a broad range of consumer electronic devices. The series has been designed specifically for use in applications where a low component height is crucial such as in handheld equipment and notebook computers. The 2700 series inductors, measuring just 9.0 x 7.7 x 1.65mm, offers a wide range of inductance values from 4.7 to 1000uH and a device dependent maximum DC current up to 1.6A. DC resistance values range from 0.1ohm up to 14ohm for the 1mH part. The slightly smaller 2700T series provides inductance values in the range 1 to 330uH and with a maximum operating current up to 2.0A. DC resistance is 80mohm for the 1uH part and increases up to 15ohm for the 330uH inductor. The 2700/2700T series have an operating temperature from -40 to +125degC. Custom inductance values of either series are available to order. The inductors are supplied in tape and reel for high volume automated surface mount assembly. Peak reflow solder temperature is +260degC as required by J-STD-020D. www.murata-ps.com