Power Integrations latest LinkSwitch-HP switcher ICs in stock at Mouser



LinkSwitch-HP Family

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the LinkSwitch-HP Family of Energy Efficient Off-Line Switchers from Power Integrations. These switching power supply ICs dramatically simplify power supply circuit designs by eliminating many common external components such as an optocoupler and secondary control circuit components. The new eSOP-12B K-package is a low profile surface mounted package for ultra-slim designs, allowing heat transfer to the PCB by the bottom pad and source pins.

The Power Integrations LinkSwitch-HP Family of Energy Efficient Off-Line Switchers, available from Mouser Electronics, offer high efficiency with fewer external components. Off-line power supplies improve circuit efficiency while reducing heat dissipation, providing better power supply performance compared to linear or switch mode power supplies.

These Power Integrations LinkSwitch™-HP Off-Line Switcher family of flyback power supply ICs incorporate a primary side regulated (PSR) controller and high-voltage power MOSFET on a single chip. This switching power supply family includes ICs optimized for constant voltage (CV) operation when operating at power ranges from 9 Watts to 90 Watts. The LinkSwitch-HP controller IC features ±5% CV accuracy, a selectable current limit, programmable latching or hysteretic over voltage protection, under voltage protection, thermal protection, improved overload power compensation over line, a fast AC reset, and a programmable shutdown delay time.

The switcher operates at 132 kHz which reduces the transformer and power supply size. An accurate programmable current limit maintains tight regulation over the output power while limiting limits overload power. Frequency jittering keeps electromagnetic interference (EMI) low, reducing EMI filter cost. A fully integrated soft-start minimizes start-up stress, which improves power supply reliability.

LinkSwitch-HP Family

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