Power Integrations launches TinySwitch-4 off-line switcher IC family


Sub-30 mW no-load dissipation and excellent light-load efficiency help meet upcoming eco and safety specifications

Click image to enlarge: TinySwitch-4 off-line switchers offer efficiency greater than 70% at 5% load to meet European standby specifications scheduled to take effect in 2013. No-load power consumption < 30 mW at 230 V AC meets today's critical energy-saving requirements.

Power Integrations has introduced the TinySwitch-4 family, the latest generation of its TinySwitch series of off-line switcher ICs. Featuring line-compensated overload power protection, TinySwitch-4 devices dramatically reduce the maximum overload power that can be delivered into the load over the entire AC input voltage range. The devices incorporate a 725-V MOSFET that easily allows 80% derating for high reflected-voltage and high bus-voltage designs. Efficiency of greater than 70% at 5% load enables designers to meet the stringent European standby specifications scheduled to take effect in 2013, while no-load power consumption < 30 mW at 230 V AC meets critical energy-saving requirements in the market today. The line-compensated overload power protection of TinySwitch-4 ICs is particularly helpful in applications such as PC standby and appliances where unusually high current demands from the load may be indicative of a fault. Prompt action by the power supply to limit the current to a designed maximum value may prevent damage to the circuitry and enhance overall system safety and reliability. The BP/M pin permits the MOSFET current limit to be adjusted up or down, allowing designers to optimize power delivery and efficiency in a variety of physical implementations. An on-time extension function extends the low-line regulation range, enabling hold-up time to be met with lower values of input capacitance. TinySwitch-4 devices also feature latching output OVP (over-voltage protection) configurable for fast AC reset by connecting the EN/UV pin resistor to the AC input line. Improved auto-restart ensures that power delivery during an output fault is limited to less than 3% of full-load rating. Comments Chris Lee, product marketing manager at Power Integrations: "The TinySwitch name is synonymous with excellent standby efficiency and ease of design. The high level of integration and complete system-level protection in TinySwitch-4 ICs enable ultra-simple power supplies that easily meet safety specifications as well as all current and proposed efficiency standards such as ENERGY STAR EPS V2.0 and EC ErP Ecodesign Directive Tier 2. Importantly, TinySwitch-4 ICs are pin-compatible with existing TinySwitch-III devices, simplifying the task of migrating to the upgraded device." The TinySwitch-4 family is a scalable family of devices covering an extended power range up to 36.5 W, including such power-supply applications as PC standby and other auxiliary supplies, DVD/PVR and other low-power set-top decoders, appliances, industrial systems, utility meters, chargers and adapters for mobile and cordless phones, digital cameras, and portable audio. Three package options are available: the industry standard PDIP and SOIC packages, and the new SMD eSOP package which enables designers to eliminate external heatsinks, instead using PCB copper area for thermal dissipation. Power Integrations Product deeplink