Power Magnetics' eBook offers In-depth understanding of medium-voltage harmonic filter reactors



Harmonics are becoming more of an issue in almost every industry

Power Magnetics announced the availability of a new eBook, called "Understanding the Advantages of Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors," which provides critical insight to the value, understanding and efficient use of these specialized devices in systems for reducing the destructive effects of harmonics in the power network.

This detailed exploration is intended to benefit professionals across a host of industries, such as energy production, chemical processing, mining, manufacturing, and transportation. This eBook includes a variety of charts and illustrations for easy reference to help the engineer or purchaser to be better informed when selecting a reactor supplier. Power Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company that is a leader in the design and manufacture of transformers, AC reactors and DC inductors.

According to Dave Leis, National Sales Manager for PMI, "This 15-page booklet is a thorough look into the intricate and even subtle nuances of just what these devices can offer, and how they can be used to suit a variety of applications. Harmonics are becoming more of an issue in almost every industry because they contribute substantially to higher losses, equipment failures, power factor issues with utilities, and more. In addition, the availability of the publication is timely, given that in many applications, physical space is coming more and more at a premium. As a result, there is a growing need for the use of iron core reactors instead of air core reactors that are much larger in physical size, and consequently, require more space."

"However," Leis added, "it is not just the physical size of the reactor that drives the space issue. This is also influenced by the high level of stray magnetic fields that are inherent in air-core reactors. For these and other reasons, there is a growing influence on space related issues. By any measure, this offering will be a valuable asset to the industries we serve, and, by extension, will also provide a benefit to the environment."

"Understanding the Advantages of Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors" download

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