Power MOSFET delivers lowest on-resistance in a DFN5x6 package



Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, a designer and developer of power semiconductors and power ICs, announced the release of AON6250, the flagship device in its new 150V AlphaMOS™ medium voltage portfolio. The AON6250 is well suited for a wide range of applications that are pushing the limits of efficiency such as primary side and secondary side switching in telecom and industrial DC/DC converters, secondary side synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, as well as solar micro-inverters, and POL modules for telecom systems. The advanced AlphaMOS silicon technology enables AON6250 to deliver an optimized combination of industry-leading on-resistance and fast switching performance. The on-resistance of this device is 57% lower than the previous generation of products and is 8% lower than the leading 150V device found in the market today. Additionally, AON6250 delivers the best figure-of-merit for RDS(ON) * COSS in the market, thereby reducing the energy loss incurred during switching. The result is increased efficiency in both light-load and heavy-load conditions. This device is available in a compact size DFN5x6 green package and is 100% Rg and UIS tested. AON6250 is the lead product in what will be a new portfolio of 150V products. "Power system designers are constantly challenged to deliver efficient solutions with growing power requirements, all while reducing board space." said Stephen Chang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AOS. "AON6250 delivers the power density and switching performance needed through ultra-low RDS(ON) in combination with low COSS." AON6250 Technical Highlights 150V N-channel MOSFET in a DFN5x6 package RDS(ON) < 16.5 mOhms max at VGS = 10V (lowest in the industry) COSS = 213 pF typ Qg (10V) = 30.5 nC typ Lowest RDS(ON) * COSS figure-of-merit in the market 100% Rg and UIS tested The AON6250 is immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks. The unit price for 10,000 pieces is $1.18. Alpha and Omega Semiconductor