Power MOSFET from Advanced Power Electronics offers fast switching and ultra-low on-resistance




Advanced Power Electronics, a leading manufacturer of MOS power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion applications, has recently launched a cost-effective N-channel enhancement-mode power MOSFET offering a fast switching performance and ultra low on-resistance for low voltage applications such as DC/DC converters and load switching.

The AP100T03GP-HF-3 MOSFET comes in a TO-220 through-hole package which is popular for commercial and industrial surface-mount applications requiring a small PCB footprint or an attached heatsink.

The new power MOSFET benefits from simple drive requirements and offers a fast switching performance, ultra low on-resistance of only 2.1mΩ, a drain-source breakdown voltage of 30V, and a continuous drain current of 215A. The component is halogen-free and fully RoHS-compliant.

Advanced Power Electronics