Power MOSFETs from Advanced Power Electronics target DC/DC converter apps



AP4034 30V N-channel enhancement-mode power MOSFETs

Advanced Power Electronics, a leading manufacturer of MOS power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion applications, has introduced the AP4034 family of 30V N-channel enhancement-mode power MOSFETs in several popular package alternatives to meet differing cost/performance points. All the AP4034 MOSFETs provide fast switching performance and feature a low typical gate charge of 15nC for good switching performance.

With the best thermal performance of the three, AP4034GMT-HF-3 MOSFETs benefit from a low maximum on-resistance of 8mΩ and a drain-source current rating of 44.3A. The devices come in a PMPAK5x6 package with an integrated thermal pad and with a standard SO-8 footprint compatible with other enhanced 5x6mm power packages.

The AP4034GM-HF-3 is in a standard SO-8 package, which is widely used for commercial and industrial surface-mount applications, and offers a maximum on-resistance of 9mΩ and drain-source current rating is 13A

AP4034GYT-HF-3 MOSFETs have the same low maximum on-resistance of 9mΩ, with a drain-source current rating of 15.5A but offer improved thermal performance even with a smaller 3mmx3mm foot print. The PMPAK3x3 package is specially designed for compact DC-DC converter applications, with a small footprint that offers a backside heat sink and a low 1.0mm package profile.

All AP4034 family MOSFETs benefit from simple gate drive requirements, are fully RoHS-compliant and BFR/halogen-free to comply with current REACH environmental requirements.

Advanced Power Electronics