Power Offer Electronics challenges the industry with their single-stage power conversion technology



A supply based on Power Offer Electronics's Trangulator single stage conversion technology.

Power Offer Electronics has launched its Trangulator, a revolutionary single stage conversion technology. The Trangulator uses standard full H-bridge power electronics components such as IGBT, MOSFETS etc., and by applying its patented and proprietary algorithm, achieves record breaking performance in terms of energy efficiency, cost, power density, response time, wide operating range and more. “Our technology uniqueness is the ability to close a very fast and stable control loop on any repetitive waveform” says Ofer Zilberberg, Co-Founder and CTO of the company.

The Trangulator converts both AC and/or DC while regulating AC output voltage with only a single converting stage between any input and output. This provides efficiency that exceeds 98% and will reach 99%. Furthermore, it has a unique ability to mix and regulate energy from multiple sources such as batteries; solar PV, while implementing MPPT and grid power in a single converter without the complexity of common DC bus, opens a world of opportunities for new solutions and products.

Single stage AC conversion enables new and improved level of performance in variety of markets such as UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), Voltage Regulators, Smart Transformers, Smart Inverters and more.

To showcase the technology, the company developed a 3 phase 12 kVA/kW UPS prototype using its dual input Trangulator (AC and DC) which demonstrates regulation with converter efficiency of 98%, wide input voltage range of ±30%, high power density (120V, 12 kW in a standard 19’’ rack at only 2U height), response time of 400 µsec and the ability to seamlessly mix energy from AC and/or DC sources by changing mixing ratio (0-100%) in real time.

The first commercial application is the next generation of UPS, which will grant lowest operating cost, and will provide both protection and high efficiency. Customers no longer need to choose between protection and high efficiency, as is the case today with the ECO mode UPS systems.

“We consider ourselves a technology enabler and are confident that Trangulator technology will replace mediocre transformers and double conversion (AC-DC-AC) technologies; the same way switching power supplies replaced old analog power supplies” says Oren Ahronson, the CEO of Power Offer.
The company is seeking cooperation with strategic partners and customers who would like to employ the technology in their products and solutions.

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