Power-One aurora MICRO-0.25-I PV micro-inverter reverse-costing analysis released



Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Power-One Aurora MICRO-0.25-I PV Micro-Inverter Reverse Costing Analysis" report to their offering. The first micro-inverter released by one the main PV Inverter providers 250W with MPPT to optimize efficiency in difficult solar conditions System Plus Consulting is publishing the reverse costing report of the Aurora solar inverter MICRO0.25-I supplied by Power-One, the second largest PV inverter manufacturer. MICRO-0.25-I is a 250W micro-inverter offering Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each single module with efficiency ratings of up to96.5%. The system uses film capacitors instead of electrolytic capacitors. This change allows a longer product lifetime and a standard warranty of10 years. The system is also equipped with a wireless communication interface. Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report provides an estimation of the production cost as well as the selling price of the product. This reverse costing report contains: -- Detailed photos -- Bill-of-Material -- Manufacturing process flow -- Manufacturing cost breakdown -- Selling price estimation Key Topics Covered: 1. Overview / Introduction -- Introduction -- Main Features -- Specifications Overview of the Inverter -- The Course of the Analysis 2. Physical Analysis -- Views and Dimensions of the Inverter -- Inverter Opening -- Connector and Cables of the Inverter -- Electronic Board - Top Side - Global View -- Electronic Board - Top Side - High Definition Photo -- Electronic Board - Top Side - PCB Markings -- Electronic Board - Top Side - Main Components Markings -- Electronic Board - Top Side - Main Components Identification -- Electronic Board - Top Side - Other Components Markings -- Electronic Board - Top Side - Other Components Identification -- Electronic Board - Bottom Side - Analysis -- EMB-2530PA Board - Top Side - Analysis 3. BOM Cost -- Assessing the BOM -- Estimation of the Cost of the PCB -- Estimation of the Cost of the Electronic Boards -- Assessing the Housing, Mechanical Parts -- Material Cost Breakdown 4. Added Value Cost -- Assessing the Added Value (AV) cost -- Electronic Board Manufacturing Flow -- Electronic Board Hourly Rates and Cadencies -- Details of the Electronic Board AV Cost -- Details of the System Assembly AV Cost -- Details of the Final Functional Test AV Cost -- Added Value Cost Breakdown 5. Estimation of the selling price -- Manufacturing Cost Breakdown -- Estimation of the Selling Price -- Functional Breakdown Research & Markets