Power Supplies Feature Remote Sense without Wires


New BENCH XR 600W power supply series uses patent-pending digital control technique to eliminate extra wires and the associated noise and ground loop problems common with conventional remote sense

Campbell, CA—Versatile Power introduces its BENCH XR line of 600W programmable supplies. BENCH XR power supplies are the industry’s first to provide accurate point-of-load voltage regulation over a wide range of load conditions – without the use of an auxiliary remote sense circuit. Remote sense is implemented utilizing the Versatile Power’s patent-pending digital control to instantaneously adjust the voltage at the output terminals in response to changes in output current. This innovative technique eliminates output noise that is often introduced by conventional remote sense wiring.  In addition, by eliminating the remote sense wiring, the BENCH XR is not susceptible to failures caused by ground loops or reverse polarity sense wiring connections.

The BENCH XR series of 600W programmable power supplies are packaged in a compact, 1U, ½-rack width enclosure. Five models provide for output voltage and current ranging from 30V to 400V and 2.5A to 33 A. Digital display of output current and point-of-load voltage is provided. Multiple standard I/O interfaces (Ethernet, USB 2.0 and analog) facilitate setup and operation of test protocols. The BENCH XR series supports the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) language.

“The package size of the BENCH XR is a real advantage in many test applications,” said Jerry Price, Versatile Power CEO. “The ability to perform remote sense without any added wiring both simplifies set up and improves power supply performance and reliability.”

Price: $1295                                  

Delivery: In stock           

For more information, go to: www.versatilepower.com.