Power supplies from SolaHD drive controls in photocell arrays and solar reflectors



Solar power is as old as the planet itself. Today, thanks to technology, this inexhaustible energy source is growing exponentially, promising to fundamentally change the way we live and work for centuries to come. SolaHD, an innovative force in power quality solutions, offers the solar industry the high reliability, long life and rugged construction found in its SDN-C™ compact DIN Rail power supplies. SDN-C power supplies are ideal for powering control equipment in photocell arrays and solar reflectors. With a wide operational temperature range and high tolerance to shock and vibration, SolaHD's compact DIN Rail power supplies are proven to perform in solar applications that demand reliable, high-quality power no matter what the ambient conditions. The line includes single-phase models ranging from 5A - 20A, and 5A - 40A in three-phase designs. Combining a remarkably small footprint with exceptionally high efficiency, SDN-C units take up approximately 32% less space along the DIN rail than standard models, plus generate far less heat while saving energy. They offer such industrial features as Sag Immunity, Power Factor Correction, and universal voltage input that reduce cost and maintenance. Unique visual diagnostic LEDs show input and output status at a glance. The metal outer case is rugged, efficiently dissipates heat, and delivers full power in a wide temperature range from -13°F to +140°C. SolaHD SDN-C power supplies are backed by a five-year limited warranty. SolaHD