Powersolve's New DC/DC Switching Regulators Suit Distributed Power Systems and Battery Powered Applications



Powersolve's PMQ7250 series are non-isolated 10A or 60W DC/DC switching regulators designed for battery or distributed power applications. Available from stock, the new regulators feature a wide 18 to 30V or 20 to 30V DC input and either a 3 to 6V or 5 to 15VDC resistance programmable output. Supplied in a very compact open PCB SIL package, the new PMQ7250 regulators are up to 95% efficient at full load and operate at 300kHz switching frequency. Operating ambient temperature range is -40 to +85°C and over temperature, short circuit, over current and input under voltage shutdown are standard features. There is a remote ON/OFF facility which can be either positive or negative (optional) logic and remote sense which will compensate for up to 0.5V on the output is also an option. MTBF reliability figures are 5 million hours according to Telecordia SR332 at 55°C ambient. www.powersolve.co.uk