Powerstax strengthens its transformer rectifier offering


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Powerstax, a specialist provider of highly optimized power sources, has added further scope to the portfolio of transformer rectifier units it offers the market - with numerous value-added and full custom solutions available. Benefiting from the technical expertise it inherited following the acquisition of Drake Power, back in July 2012, as well as the additional engineering resources that Powerstax has since developed in this area, the company can now presents a comprehensive product platform through which performance-enhanced power systems can be defined.

Supporting conversion efficiencies reaching 96% and typical power factors of 0.85 (or as much as 0.99 if extensive power factor correction is applied), these units allow an AC input to be converted into a steady DC output - delivering power levels of up to 500kVA. They are available in either transductor-controlled, thyristor-controlled, or switch-mode configurations. With peak-to-peak output ripple kept to well within a 5% margin (or considerably lower if adequate DC smoothing components are incorporated), industry-leading voltage stability can be realized.

Thanks to their rugged construction, the Powerstax transformer rectifiers are highly suited to power system implementations in the most physically demanding of application settings, where they are exposed to severe weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations. Very high mean time between failure (MTBF) figures prolong operational lifespan and enable costly maintenance call outs to be avoided. Sophisticated cooling takes care of heat dissipation - using fan, water or oil-based mechanisms (or a mixture of these).

Among the many industrial tasks for which these power sources may be employed are electro-chlorination, electroplating, impressed-current cathodic protection, electrophoretic paint deposition, electrocoagulation and various other electrochemical processes. Anything from 1 to 18 outputs can be specified, with a choice of fixed or regulated output options. Compliant with the BS EN 60146 standard, these power solutions support an operational temperature range from -25°C to +55°C.

In order that repair and maintenance activities are carried out with maximum effectiveness and downtime is abated, a team of highly-trained, UK-based service engineers ensure a rapid response. The servicing and modification of existing units from other manufacturers is also possible.