Pre-Switch Shows Highest Efficiency Figures for 200kW Inverter


Over 99% efficient at 100kHz using 3 5mΩ MOSFETs

Pre-Switch, Inc., has published performance data that shows that its 200kW (space vector modulated) CleanWave200 evaluation inverter exceeds 99.3% at 100kHz using only three discrete, low cost 35 mΩ SiC MOSFETs per switch location.  This is expected to revolutionize EV and renewable energy designs.

The Pre-Switch AI enables users to migrate from lossy, expensive hard-switching implementations to high efficiency, soft-switching designs with a 10X higher switching frequency which produces an almost pure sine wave output. The Pre-Switch controller analyzes multiple inputs on a cycle-by-cycle basis, making adjustments in real time to small, forced-resonant transistors enabling perfect soft-switching in harsh changing environments. Variations in system temperature, device degradation, changing input voltages and abrupt current swings are all accounted for and optimized within the Pre-Switch AI algorithm.

The published data plots system efficiency for 50-100 kHz switching speeds, input voltages, power output and current output, enabling system designers to compare the Pre-Switch results to their own requirements. Adds Renouard: “Switching losses using our Pre-Switch technology are effectively zero. If we put that into perspective, an EV with Pre-Switch technology improves inverter efficiencies, producing a pure sine wave output that dramatically improves motor efficiency at low torques where people drive. This will result in an increase its range by up to 12%.”

The Cleanwave200 evaluation system, reference design and design files can be ordered from Pre-Switch.