Premier Magnetics' high-efficiency SIP converters suit distributed-power apps



PDCS single-in-line-package DC-DC converters

Premier Magnetics, a leader in high-quality magnetic components for switch-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters and data communications applications, announced additions to its PDCS family of self-contained, single-in-line-package (SIP) DC-DC converters for distributed power applications. These compact, low-profile, power conversion devices are fully integrated and require no external components. Applications for the PDCS family include telecommunications, industrial, data acquisition systems, transportation, solar energy, medical, embedded systems, and wherever efficient distributed power is required.

The additions to the PDCS product family include two three-pin series. The first is the PDCS01x series, which contains nine models featuring regulated power outputs from 0.75 to 15 watts. They also offer nominal input ranges of 12Vdc and 24Vdc, outputs ranging from 1.5V to 15Vdc, and all are offered with a maximum output current of 500mA. Also being introduced is the three-pin PDCS04x series that includes 10 devices offering a similar range of input and output voltages as the PDC01x series, but with a maximum output current of 1000mA.

The new four-pin series added to the PDCS family contains 49 models of 0.25W-rated devices featuring 1000Vdc isolation and with input voltages from 1.8 to 24Vdc. For each input voltage, the devices are offered with an unregulated output voltage (±10%) ranging from 1.8 to 24Vdc.

“High density and increased functionality is pushing the demand for more distributed power,” said Jim Earley, president of Premier Magnetics. “In response to high-performance, power supply market requirements we have added dual-in-line-package devices to our PDCS family of high-efficiency DC/DC converter modules. The new products are based on switching power technology and offer excellent conversion efficiency while also meeting new green energy requirements.”


Price: PDCS01x series (3-pin) – $2.50 in OEM quantities
PDCS04x series (3-pin) – $2.75 in OEM quantities
PDCSxxx series (4-pin) – $2.80 in OEM quantities

Availability: Samples in stock for immediate delivery

Delivery: 8 weeks, ARO for OEM quantitie

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