Premier Magnetics Line Filters Replace Discontinued Murata Components


PMCU Series of common mode line filters offered in standard and sectional winding configurations; in-stock device specifications provide direct cross to recently discontinued Murata EMIFIL components

Lake Forest, Calif.Premier Magnetics announces the in-stock availability of its PMCU Series of common mode line filters designed for switching power supply applications. Offered in both standard winding (for higher efficiency) and sectional winding (for improved high-frequency performance), the updated PMCU offerings expands their popular line of line filters to include a direct cross for over three dozen PLA10ANxxx and PLA10ASxxx EMIFIL series components recently discontinued by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The devices comprising Premier Magnetics’ PMCU line are low-profile, vertical coil inductors with a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 80C) and the isolation between windings is 2000Vrms. Tabled data on these filters can be found at including the complete cross reference list (below).  The devices are offered with current ratings from 0.3A to 2.0 A with rated voltage of 250VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Premier Magnetics                              Murata Part Number

     PMCU-6003                               PLA10AN 4330R3R2B         PLA10AS 4330R3R2B

     PMCU-6007                                PLA10AN 3030R4R2B         PLA10AS 3030R4R2B

     PMCU-6011                               PLA10AN 2030R5R2B         PLA10AS 2030R5R2B

     PMCU-6013                               PLA10AN 1230R6R2B         PLA10AS 1230R6R2B

     PMCU-6017                               PLA10AN 1030R7R2B         PLA10AS 1030R7R2B

     PMCU-6019                               PLA10AN 7420R8R2B         PLA10AS 7420R8R2B

     PMCU-6023                               PLA10AN 5521R0R2B         PLA10AS 5521R0R2B

     PMCU-6025                               PLA10AN 3521R2R2B         PLA10AS 3521R2R2B

     PMCU-6029                               PLA10AN 3021R3R2B         PLA10AS 3021R3R2B

     PMCU-6033                               PLA10AN 2221R5R2B         PLA10AS 2221R5R2B

     PMCU-6037                               PLA10AN 1821R7R2B         PLA10AS 1821R7R2B

     PMCU-6041                               PLA10AN 1522R0R2B         PLA10AS 1522R0R2B

     PMCU-7001                               PLA10AN 3630R3D2B        PLA10AS 3630R3D2B

     PMCU-7005                               PLA10AN 2230R4D2B        PLA10AS 2230R4D2B

     PMCU-7009                               PLA10AN 1330R5D2B        PLA10AS 1330R5D2B

     PMCU-7015                               PLA10AN 7720R7D2B        PLA10AS 7720R7D2B

     PMCU-7021                               PLA10AN 3621R0D2B        PLA10AS 3621R0D2B

     PMCU-7027                               PLA10AN 2021R3D2B        PLA10AS 2021R3D2B

     PMCU-7031                               PLA10AN 1821R5D2B        PLA10AS 1821R5D2B

     PMCU-7035                               PLA10AN 1321R7D2B        PLA10AS 1321R7D2B

     PMCU-7039                               PLA10AN 9012R0D2B        PLA10AS 9012R0D


“Murata’s decision to discontinue these common mode line filters have left many manufacturers in a difficult position,” said Jim Earley, President of Premier Magnetics. “We have responded by providing a complete series of compatible devices.”