Presentations from the PSMA 2013 Power Technology Roadmap are now available to members



The presentations from the 2013 Power Technology Roadmap are available to PSMA members, both as a PDF of the PowerPoint charts and a movie with the charts and audio including the Q/A discussions. There are a total of fifteen presentations loosely grouped into three categories. Power Architectures Two presentations cover different aspects of power architectures. Dc MicroGrids discusses the need for creating standards for a global ecosystem and the Computing Power Technology Roadmap discusses the topologies, technologies, and efficiency needs for various computing applications. Technology and Market Forces Six presentations provide a good mix of topics on technology and market forces. The presentations include the global power supply market overview and two topics on LED lighting. There are also two topics on digital power, one that provides an overview of digital power technology as it stands today, and another from a module vendor using digital control in its products. Wireless power discussion, as an emerging technology, rounds out the section. Components There has been intent focus in the industry on the emergence of wide bandgap devices to use as power devices. Therefore, five discussions from various viewpoints are presented. Three are from gallium nitride (GaN) stakeholders and two were from silicon carbide (SiC) stakeholders. To give balance to the power semiconductor debate, a traditional super-junction MOSFET overview is also included. The components section is rounded out by an excellent overview of magnetic materials, their technical challenges, and insight into what the future may hold. PSMA