Programmable DC Electronic Load Integrates Microprocessor Capabilities



The Chroma 6310A Programmable DC Electronic Load integrates microprocessor capabilities into each load module and a mainframe to provide simple and accurate parallel operations to optimize the speed and control among multiple load modules. All load modules may be configured to work synchronously or to test multiple outputs simultaneously, thus simulating real life applications.

Module Load Design

The Chroma 6314A 1200W and 6312A 600W DC electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable 6310A series load modules for easy system configuration, and will mount in a 19″ instrument rack. The 6314A holds up to four 63102A load modules, which will result in an 8-channel 100W/channel load with standard front-panel inputs. This makes it ideal for testing multiple output switching power supplies and multiple DC-DC converters. There are also higher wattage modules that may be mixed and matched for an even more versatile system. Additionally, the GO/NG output port is useful for UUT’s pass/fail testing on an automated production line. All modules on the 6314A/6312A mainframe share a common GPIB address to synchronize and speed up the control of the load modules and the readback of data.

Application of Specific Load Simulation

The 6310A load modules operate in constant current, constant voltage, constant power or constant resistance to satisfy a wide range of test requirements. For example, the test of a battery charger can be simulated easily by setting the load to operate in constant voltage mode.

Each load module is designed with state-of-the-art technology and connects all the power MOSFET devices in parallel to insure high accuracy load control with a minimum drift of less than 0.1%+0.1%F.S. of the current setting. Chroma’s use of FET technology provides minimum input resistance and enables the load to sink high current even at very low voltages. For example, the model 63103A is capable of sinking 60A at 1V, and well-suited for testing the new 3.3V low voltage power supplies. Low voltage operation, down to zero volts, is possible at reduced current levels. The 6310A load module uses a photo coupler for isolation between the output and control sections, thus each load is isolated and floating. The user can use multiple load modules independently to test multi-output power supplies, or parallel them for high power testing applications.