Programmable Power Platform Includes a DC 1.7–5 kW Series



SAN DIEGO –AMETEK Programmable Power has again expanded its popular Asterion power supply platform. This time, it’s with the addition of a line of programmable, high-performance DC power supplies with either fixed or autoranging output.

Like the Asterion AC family, the Sorensen Asterion DC Series sets a new standard for power density.  All units are just 1U (44.45mm/1.75in) high, so rack space requirements are minimal. Asterion DC Series supplies offer rated output voltages in 40 V and 60 V for 1.7 kW, 3.4 kW and 5.0 kW power levels.

The new DC series features two types of product lines: fixed range and autoranging. The fixed range supplies are economical, traditional rectangular wave output power supplies with all the enhanced operation advantages standard with the Asterion platform. The autoranging supplies feature expanded current and voltage range at the full output power level, enabling the ability to satisfy a wider testing need without requiring the purchase of additional models.

The intuitive front panel touchscreen interface and multilanguage display ensure exceptional ease of use. An auto-paralleling capability supports operating multiple units in parallel to increase the total output power level.

The Asterion DC Series is Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled and supports multiple programming interfaces. Operators can control the supply from an intuitive front panel touchscreen or remotely via LXI Ethernet, USB and RS-232 standard control interfaces, as well as an optional GPIB control interface for legacy applications.
Function group icons on the touchscreen allow access to the supplies’ dashboard, output programming parameters, measurements, sequencing, configuration, control interfaces, applications, and system settings functions.  

Operators can select functions and enter parameters either by accessing them directly through the touchscreen or by using the encoder selector button. A dynamic rate change algorithm can adjust the control resolution, which provides precise control over small parameter changes and quick sweeps through an entire range.

Asterion DC Virtual Panels are graphical user interfaces that allow programming, monitoring and controlling of any of the supplies remotely. All operations that can be performed by working directly with the unit’s front panel controls also can be performed remotely with these Virtual Panels.

The Asterion DC Series is optimized for use in testing today’s complex electronics applications which require low-profile, lightweight power supplies with high-power density. Applications include military and aerospace electronics test, DC power simulation, commercial manufacturing and process control, R&D, automotive component and battery testing, and a wide range of ATE applications.

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