PSMA announces APEC 2015 session on alternative energy



The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Alternative Energy Committee is sponsoring a Special Industry Presentation session at APEC 2015 entitled "Constructing a Solar Powered World through Technology.” The session will take place on Wednesday morning, March 18, 2015 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina and will feature four experts from the market research, commercial, and research sectors. This special event will provide an overview of the US solar market outlook and the most recent advances to optimize solar energy production and system operation.

This Special Presentation Session includes four presentations that represent advancements in varied aspects of the US solar development. Mr. Alexander Von Welzek, Clean Power Capital, presenting the US Solar Market Outlook; will open the session. Mr. Chris Deline, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, speaking on “Performance Modeling and Testing of Distributed Electronics in PV Systems,” will include test data on partial shading and other mismatch issues in PV systems and describe how this data was used to update the System Advisor Model program for PV system modelling. Mr. Abraham Ellis, Sandia National Labs will present his work on the special considerations and features required to integrate distributed power generation sources such as pv solar energy into the existing US power grid. The solar panel, at the heart of PV system, is being continuously improved for higher yields. Dr. Venkatesan Murali, GT Advanced Technologies, will present “Improving Performance and Form Factors in Next Generation Solar Modules.”

Chavonne Yee of ABB and independent consultant John McManus, who are co-chairs of the PSMA Alternative Energy Committee stated, “This Special Presentation session will not only be very informative but will also provide an opportunity for attendees to interact with other professionals whose firms are active in the advancement of solar power and its integration with the existing US power infrastructure. We encourage people to register for APEC 2015 and make plans to attend the Special Presentation Session and to consider participating in the other PSMA sponsored meetings during the week.”