PSMA Announces Industry Session on Trends for AC Power Loss of High Frequency Power Magnetics at APEC 2012



The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Magnetics Committee is sponsoring an Industry Session at APEC 2012 titled "Trends for AC Power Loss of High Frequency Power Magnetics." The session will take place on Wednesday afternoon February 8, 2012 at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida and features eight experts from industry and academia who will provide an overview of the characterization methods used by the magnetic core industry today to provide performance data to users. In addition, the session will cover more recently developed measurement methods and analysis techniques relevant to actual applications in switching power supplies through design analysis techniques used by magnetic component designers to minimize ac power losses in magnetic components. The PSMA Magnetics Committee has recognized the need to bring the current viewpoints traditionally employed in the industry together with proposals for measurement methods and analysis techniques that are gaining traction. Session attendees will gain a better understanding of the performance data that is available to them as well as analysis options for different applications thus helping component developers to provide more effective configurations and system designers to better optimize their power electronics. Stephen Carlsen, co-chair of the PSMA Magnetics Technical Committee, stated "The PSMA Magnetics Committee has recognized the need at APEC for practical as well as application—oriented information about ac power losses, and the group has organized this industry session which will not only be very informative, but will also provide an opportunity for attendees to interact with other professionals who are active in the design and application of new materials and designs. I am encouraging people to register for APEC 2012, make plans to attend the presentation and consider participating in the other PSMA-sponsored meetings during the week." PSMA is a non-profit professional organization with the objective of enhancing the stature and reputation of its members and their products, and improvement of their technological power sources knowledge. Its aim is to educate the entire electronics industry, academia, government and industry agencies as to the applications and importance of all types of power sources and conversion.