Puls high-capacity power supply and charger for UltraCaps available from HPI Sales



The PAS395 from PULS

The PAS395 from PULS can be used as a regular power supply with an adjustable output voltage between 360V and 460V or as a charger for EDLC-capacitors (Electrical Double Layer Capacitors commonly known as Ultracaps, Supercaps or Greencaps).

The charging method is a constant current - constant voltage characteristic followed by a float charging mode. The output is protected with a serial diode to avoid return currents from the capacitors. To ensure that the capacitors never become overcharged, a redundant control circuit monitors the end-of-charge voltage and switches the output off in case of high voltage.

Due to the internal fan which starts running when necessary, the unit can be used in any mounting orientation and at altitudes as high as 6000m. The unit operates from AC 230V mains, includes an electronic inrush current limitation and an active power factor correction circuit. The high efficiency of 94.4% reduces the heat in the cabinet and achieves high MTBF figures and a long service life of the unit.

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