Pulse Counter Enables Longer-Distance, Faster Utility Meter Data Collection


New L54230 LoRaWAN pulse counter offers performance/cost benefits for tenant water and energy utility billing in multi-family buildings compared with products using closed-protocol networks

Bensalem, PA— Marking an important development in metering technology for tenant utility billing, H2O Degree introduces the industry’s first LoRaWAN-based meter pulse counter designed to operate with most pulse-output water and gas meters. H2O Degree is the leading manufacturer of advanced two-way wireless mesh submetering systems used for tenant billing, leak detection, utility conservation and building automation system integration in multi-family facilities. The company’s new L54230 pulse counter is unique in its ability to communicate via the open-protocol LoRaWAN (long-range wide area network) platform to remotely monitor and record utility submetering data. Unlike typical units that connect over proprietary protocols, the pulse counter’s cloud-based LoRaWAN platform does not require a dedicated PC or software – or a repeater network. The new H2O Degree LoRaWAN-based pulse counter improves data-collection speed, accuracy and communication distance, all while simplifying and reducing the cost of submetering installations.

Each L54230 LoRaWAN two-channel wireless pulse counter can monitor and record dry-contact pulses from two separate (new or retrofit) gas or water utility meters. Water meters that the pulse counter can connect to include: Badger, Elster (AMCO), Master Meter, Norgas, Neptune and SENSUS. Gas meters include: Dattus, Itron Metris and Norgas. The pulse counter’s Class A secure wireless 915 MHz interface offers line-of sight, bi-directional communications of over six miles compared to the three-mile range of conventional products. In garden-style multi-family facilities, L54230 units can operate within a 1,000-foot radius from the gateway, covering a 70-plus-acre property. High-rise buildings have a 25-story radius from the gateway, ultimately covering a 50-story building with no repeaters.

As with H2ODegree’s existing line of wireless pulse counters, the LoRaWAN pulse counter is compact (5.36in H x 3.33in W x 1.73in D) and easy to install. Commissioning is very user-friendly: the installer simply initiates a radio transmission, receives LED indication and confirms success. The product is backed by H2O Degree’s 10-year battery-life guarantee, which is double the industry norm, and is backed by a five-year warranty.

To learn more about H2O Degree’s submetering and leak detection system, please go to www.h2odegree.com.