Pulse Electronics' high-frequency multilayer ceramic chip inductors suit telecom, networking, medical, and industrial apps



Pulse high-frequency multilayer ceramic chip inductors

Pulse Electronics, a leading provider of electronic components, has extended its inductor product offerings with a line of high-frequency multilayer ceramic chip inductors. These RF ceramic inductors have low DC resistance, high Q values at higher frequencies, high self-resonant frequency, and high reliability. These new inductors can be used in wireless devices, broadband circuits, RFID devices, RF transceivers, modules, and medical devices.

Pulse Electronics' multilayer ceramic chip inductors are the next generation of Pulse inductors. They come in standard surface mount footprints and are made of a monolithic non-organic substance that gives them a tighter tolerance and lower value of inductance in a small size compared to traditional wire-wound inductors. Their high Q value provides consistent, stable signal transmission at high frequencies.

The multilayer chip inductors:
0201CC (1.0 to 100 nH) value series with a low DCR and high Q
0402CC (1.0 to 270 nH) value series with a low DCR and high Q
0402CH (1.0 to 15 nH) value series with a very high Q

"Pulse Electronics' high frequency ceramic chip inductors can be used as drop in replacements for some wire-wound inductors, resulting in higher reliability while reducing cost," said Chad Oblak, senior product manager, Pulse Electronics. "Our customers now can choose from either our traditional wire-wound chip inductors or our new multilayer inductors."

Pulse Electronics' multilayer inductors are RoHS compliant and sold in tape and reel. Samples are now available. Delivery is 4-6 weeks.


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