Pyreos prioritises pyroelectric detectors for ventilators


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pyreos is prioritising delivery of its infrared pyroelectric detectors to manufacturers of critical medical systems.

Typically used with ventilators, Capnometers continuously measure CO2 concentration in breath and the high speed of Pyreos infrared sensors makes them particularly suitable. CO2 monitoring permits clinicians to check whether ventilators have been correctly set up (intubated) and also supports diagnosis of lung and heart function and other conditions. World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines state that capnography is part of the recommended minimum equipment for anaesthesia and for ventilator use. In the UK, capnography is mandatory for patients anaesthetised in theatre and its broader use is growing in the UK.

Pyreos supplied its dual channel analogue infrared detectors for capnography to leading European and Asian medical equipment manufacturers for several years and is in development with a major global customer. The company is also working with other established capnography manufacturers to support accelerated development programmes launched during the pandemic.

As a result of the pandemic, it has ramped the production of its ezPyro, anaesthesia and CO2 detection products to support OEMs manufacturing of these vital systems worldwide.

The company is also supporting research and development projects in two universities on ventilation and breath measurement by offering advice, reference designs and design help. This support includes open-sourcing of relevant reference designs.

Medical vs non-medical application prioritisation

Pyreos is prioritising delivery of products for urgent medical use, with importance afforded to standard products for medical systems and the provision of custom services for medical work such as non-standard filters and prototypes.

Standard products for non-medical use are still shipping, but are classified as a lower priority than medical applications. The company will not be accepting custom orders for non-medical work for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. It is asking for patience from its non-medical customers during this time.

Supply chain and lead times during this period

Pyreos holds stock of many products and may be able to satisfy some short-term requirements. Customers can contact Pyreos, their local distributor or go to for short term needs or updated lead time information.

Staff safety

Pyreos' UK offices currently function with a small number of on-site staff. All other staff are home-working and remain contactable within normal working hours to provide customer support as required.