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Quick-Connect Tap Off Box Designed For Overhead Power Busway Distribution System


Richmond, Virginia – Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) announced its new Quick Connect Tap Off Box for the overhead power busway distribution system.The intuitive design improves maintainability with an IR Scanning Window, simplifies installation with automatic latching to busrails and enhances energy management with revenue-grade monitoring.

PDI’s PowerWave 2 busway system with Quick Connect Tap Off Box represents the next generation of flexible data center power distribution for any mission-critical facility. Unlike more rigid overhead power busways, PowerWave 2 with Quick Connect Tap Off Box allows for:

  • Multi-range ampacity in 250 Amp, 400 Amp, and 800 Amp systems to fit a wide-range of mission-critical power loads.
  • Various mounting styles, oriented vertically or horizontally, to custom fit over rack or underfloor power distribution space constraints.
  • Superior safety with an aluminum housing that prevents any form of contact with live conductors during installation and removal of Tap Off Box units from live busrails.
  • Intelligent power monitoring with end-feed monitoring for proactive management of power usage and availability as well as an eye-level monitoring screen for local power data displays to alert potential issues.

In addition, the Quick Connect Tap Off Box has been designed for lighter weight and faster and safer installation, with industry standard revenue grade monitoring accuracy and capabilities.

For more information, please visit www.pdicorp.com.

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