RECOM Power's RACM60 AC/DC Power Supplies Ship from Sager



Sager Electronics is now stocking RECOM Power’s RACM60 Series 60W AC/DC power supply.  

RECOM Power's RACM60 series are 2" x 3" medical-grade, open-frame AC/DC converters that provide 4kVAC/1min reinforced isolation. They have an ambient operating temperature range of -40°C up to 55°C and up to 85°C with derating. The converters are highly efficient, with a rating of 90% and typical no-load power consumption of 100mW.

The RACM60 modules are multifaceted, meeting medical certifications as well as industrial safety standards, and are ideal for a wide variety of applications including medical monitors, measurement equipment, industrial IoT, and building management equipment.

RECOM Power's RACM60 AC/DC converters are in stock at Sager Electronics. To learn more, click here.