Rectifier achieves an efficiency of 97.2 percent



Eltek announced the first delivery of a rectifier with an efficiency of up to 97.2 percent. The unit provides 3 kW at 48VDC and accepts a wide input voltage range. The rectifier can also be operated as a DC/DC converter, taking a high DC voltage down to 48V. "In large data centers every fractional percent of loss, in any energy conversion, has a significant impact on the electricity bill. We see an evolution toward higher efficiency specifications and Eltek is proud to have set the benchmark yet again," said Morten SchÃyen, Chief Marketing Officer for Eltek. The rectifier will also be included in Eltek's standard product portfolio for telecom and industrial markets including railways, power utilities, marine and offshore. The new system is ideal for all markets where lower operational costs and reduced cooling requirements are important. Eltek