Rectifiers Boast 96 Percent Power Efficiency



RICHARDSON, TX – Eltek, a Delta Group Company, announced it has completed the transition of its popular Compact DC Power System to High Efficiency (HE) rectifiers. Eltek’s HE technology offers industry standard 96 percent AC-DC power conversion efficiency. HE-based rectifiers reduce wasted electricity resulting in reduced electricity consumption and costs.

The Compact DC Power System was originally introduced in 2004 yet has remained a customer favorite up to current times, where it is used in wireless base station, enterprise data center and broadband access network applications.

The Compact System offers up to 250A of power from a shelf that supports 3,4 or 5 rectifier slots and fits into a standard-width (19” or 23”) telecom rack. The system is only 2RU high, yet offers a controller, power distribution and connectivity to battery backup.

Customers can now choose V-Series HE rectifiers with a voltage input range of 90-264 VAC and an output currents ranging from 10A, 15A and 20A. Also available are 30A, 40A, and 50A rectifiers operating on an input range of 180 – 264 VAC. All rectifiers are capable of peak efficiency of 96 percent, are hot swappable and can be flexibly configured for N+1 redundancy.

When operating at full load, the Compact System with V-Series HE can save customers up to 102 Watts of power when compared to the older V-Series rectifiers. Now that the complete HE rectifier family has been developed, Eltek will discontinue the V-Series product family.