Rectifiers Deliver 96 Percent Efficiency Power Conversion


New DPR6000B rectifier family offers 96 percent efficiency and is designed for Eltek EcoTower and Scalable DC Power Systems

RICHARDSON, TX – Eltek announced the new DPR6000B rectifier product line that makes use of Eltek High Efficiency (HE) technology to deliver 96 percent efficiency power conversion for high power applications.

The DPR6000B rectifiers are designed for Eltek’s EcoTower and Scalable DC Power System. Both of these systems are popular in central office, cable multisystem operator (MSO), mobile telephone switching office and data center applications.

The DPR6000B rectifiers are three-phase, 125A, 48V rectifiers that can deliver up to 6kW output power. Two models are available: the DPR 6000B-48 ID:A1 for 480V input applications and the DPR6000B-48 ID:B1 for 208V input applications. The HE technology in the DPR6000B rectifiers reduces waste heat from the power conversion process resulting in a high power-density module that delivers dramatic ongoing cost and energy savings.

The DPR6000B rectifiers are an upgrade to the legacy PowerPack rectifier family. Eltek is also offering the PowerPack 11KW Retrofit Kit that allows two DPR6000B rectifiers to occupy the same 19”-rack form factor as a PowerPack rectifier.


The Eltek EcoTower DC Power System measures 24” W x 84” H x 24.8” and is a single-cabinet solution for medium and large power applications. The EcoTower has a front-access design and has a maximum output of 2400A. The system can be equipped with as many as four different DC distribution panels per cabinet and can support up to eight battery connections. In addition to DPR6000B rectifiers, the EcoTower also supports Flatpack2 HE 48V rectifiers for up to 2400A of output power. The system is managed by the Smartpack2 controller.

Scalable DC Power System

The Eltek Scalable DC power system is composed of rectifier bays and optional distribution bays. A rectifier bay can hold up to 30 DPR6000B rectifiers for a total output of up to 3,000A. Up to four rectifier bay cabinets can be cabled together to support very high-power applications. At scale out, the system can support up to 500,000 watts.

Distribution bays support flexible distribution options including bulk buses (3000A, 6000A and 10000A rated) or up to 48 configurable distribution positions. Rectifier and distribution bays can be connected through an Eltek designed internal bus that acts like a system bus, or a traditional overhead bus structure.  An entire system, including battery and/or gen-set back up, is controlled by Eltek’s Smartpack2 controller.


The DPR6000B rectifiers are available now. For more information, go to