Regenerative Power Test Solutions Save Energy & Cost



The Cinergia line of programmable test systems can be a powerful means of reducing green house gasses and cutting down on your energy and HVAC bills. Product types available include AC Grid Simulators, AC and DC Programmable Power Sources, DC Battery Test Systems with multiple channels as well as AC and/or DC Regenerative Loads.

All Cinergia products recycle energy back to the power grid as needed, keeping your HVAC and Energy bills under control.  They also come with powerful Windows control software to easy operation (see below). Available in power levels from 7.5kVA to 200kVA, three phase and single phase output AC or DC mode.

Cinergia products all come with test control software that allows full control over test settings and parameters.  Depending on the product category - Source, Load, DC Supply - special test application modes are supported as well.

Typical examples are:

  •     Harmonic Current Injection
  •     Battery Charge and Discharge Test Profiles
  •     Solar Panel Emulation Modes

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