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CEMS-Global is pleased to once again present the `13th POWER Bangladesh 2014 International Expo', set to once again be Bangladesh's premier International exhibition on Power Generation & Transmission, PV Power, Energy and Renewable Energy, which will bring together specialists engaging in the Power Engineering Industry, leading Manufacturers and Distributors / Representatives from all over the world to Bangladesh.

With the ever-growing power & energy needs of Bangladesh Lanka thus making a need to explore newer opportunities in the Power, Energy, Solar / PV (Photo Voltaic) and Renewable Energy sectors of Sri Lanka, 13th POWER Bangladesh 2014 will be the perfect B2B platform for the entire Power & Energy Industry of Bangladesh including Bangladeshi Industry stakeholders who will attend and get the opportunity to see the latest technologies and innovations in the Power Generation and Energy sector thus delivering a great networking opportunity.

To create more platforms for the Renewable Energy sector and Electronics associated to Power & Energy, CEMS-Global has further announced well defined segmented concurrent exhibitions which will be held alongside `13th POWER Bangladesh 2014' , namely, `Renewable Energy Bangladesh 2014 Expo' and `Solar Power Bangladesh 2014 Expo'.

13th POWER Bangladesh 2014 will provide the Exhibitors an opportunity further establish business contacts and get face-to-face and interact directly with the visiting Trade Delegations, Industrialists, Importers, Distributors, Agencies hence a great and only B2B platform of its kind in Bangladesh and a unique opportunity with a rapidly developing Industry sector where investments are now on a rise with new Industrialization making Bangladesh a very important Business destination in South Asia.

Exhibiting at 13th POWER Bangladesh 2014 will open your doors to the entire Industry of Sri Lanka and is an event you cannot afford to miss.

Profile of Exhibits
- Production Of Electric And Thermal Energy : Power Generation Systems; Stand-Alone Sources Of Energy; Boilers; Boiler and Auxiliary Equipment; Steam Turbines, Electric-Power, Combined-Cycle And Gas-Turbine Units; Heat-Exchange Equipment; Electric Generators: Turbo Generators And Hydro Generators
-Conversion And Storage Of Electrical Energy : Accumulators; Power Transformers
-Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Energy : Power Switches; High-Voltage Equipment Of Distribution And Control; Non-Conductors; Cable-Conductor Products; Package Transformer Substations; Low-Voltage Equipment Of Distribution And Control; Equipment For Power Transmission Lines; Relay Protection Units
-Alternative Sources Of Electrical Energy : Gas Power Engineering; Bioenergetics; Wind Power Engineering; Hydrogen Power Engineering; Geothermal Power Engineering; Minor Hydro-Power Engineering; Solar Power Engineering;
-Renewable Energy : Equipment Manufacturers, Research & Development Companies, Component Equipment Suppliers, Project Developers & Operators, Associations, Consulting Companies
-Industrial Power Engineering
- Power Transmission
-Technologies Of Energy Efficiency And Energy Saving
-Electro-Technical Equipment : Electric Motors ; Electric Drives; Electrical Control Unit Equipment
- Fuel Materials
-Pumps And Compressors
-Lighting Equipment
- Pipes And Pipeline Fittings
- Industrial Ventilation Systems
-Technologies And Systems Of Water Treatment
-Measurement, Control And Diagnostic Instrumentation, Diagnostic Equipment
-Automation Control System
-Nature Conservation Technologies
- Engineering Services
-Related Web Portals / Media / Publishing Services

International exhibition on Power Generation & Transmission