Remote Control System Simplifies Industrial Rail Operations


Transport QC is an efficient remote control system that enhances the safety and profitability of industrial rail operations in North America

WARREN, OHIO - Laird Controls has developed a portable remote control system that allows one rail operator to easily and efficiently move locomotives throughout the rail operation. By enabling a single worker to pilot a locomotive, as opposed to three people in a work crew, the Transport QC quick connect remote control unit bolsters worker safety, boosts productivity, and enhances rail operator profitability.

The lightweight, compact system securely contains all hardware and components in a single enclosure that weighs approximately 75 lbs. Using the remote control locomotive (RCL) system as a quick connect system, Transport QC can be easily moved from locomotive to locomotive, improving operational efficiency. This portability enables greater flexibility when planning for maintenance, and it improves rail operators' capital investment by eliminating "per locomotive" cost requirements.

The system can be configured for various options, such as radio frequency communication, proportional train brake control, digital talkback, wireless 4G capabilities, two-way RF communication, and enhanced safety alerts. A number of self-monitoring features are also built in to minimize reliance on operator intervention.

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