Renco offers inductor design kits



Renco Electronics, a custom component design and manufacturing company based in Rockledge, Florida, introduces a tool to assist design engineers in identifying their part needs for specific projects. The Design Kits give the engineer access to much more than a single product sample. they allow the user to plan, design and test each part in an entire series to evaluate for size and performance. Designer Kits are available in any Renco part type from surface mounts, common mode chokes and power inductors. The newest design kits are the RL-9580-DK1 and RL-9580-DK2, which comprise the entire 9580 series of high current SMD power inductors. These rugged power inductor kits are now available for prototyping and design work and feature inductance values ranging from .10 uH to 10 uH, current ratings ranging from 1.3 Amps to 12 Amps, and up to 35 Amps saturation current. Each series of inductors also boasts a wide operating temperature range of -40°C - +130°C - allowing for maximum performance in any condition.