Renesas Electronics Europe Successfully Held its First European R-Car Consortium Forum



Renesas Electronics Europe has successfully held its first European R-Car Consortium (RCC) Forum. The Forum, held on November 9, 2017 in Düsseldorf, attracted a large audience of participants from over 35 automotive OEM and Tier 1 and connected car specialized IT providers. The R-Car Family is Renesas’ family of innovative and high-performance systems-on-chip (SoC) for automotive applications. The R-Car Consortium (RCC) comprises over 220 partners around the world who work with Renesas’ R-Car in the development of their own products. The RCC is sparking innovation by making available to car OEMs & Tiers1s a large database of system solutions from a broad range of technology partners. RCC Forum is a regular event organized by Renesas and enabling fruitful exchanges and networking between technology partners and Renesas R-Car customers. More than 30 of these technology partners participated at the first European RCC Forum, which focused on the future of connected car, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving.


We’re delighted with the success of the first European R-Car Consortium Forum,” said Guenther Elsner, Vice President Automotive Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Europe. “It looks like it will become a must-attend event in the automotive world like the equivalent forums in Japan. We’re proud to be working with such innovative partners to shape the future of mobility together.”


During the event, Shinichi Yoshioka, Senior Vice President, Automotive Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation, has presented the Renesas autonomy™ Platform for ADAS and automated driving, and stressed the valuable roles of technology partners to build open, innovative and trusted solutions that shorten and secure development cycles and their contribution to the Renesas autonomy fleet.


As highlight of the event, Renesas exposed for the first time in Europe its connected car demonstrator based on solutions by Renesas and partners that are part of the Renesas autonomy Platform. The Renesas autonomy Platform covers end-to-end solutions for autonomous driving. The connected car includes an emotion engine, which is an artificial sensibility and intelligence technology pioneered by cocoro SB Corp., a SoftBank Group company. The engine enables cars with the sensibility to read the driver's emotions and optimally respond to the driver’s needs based on their emotional state.


In a dedicated exhibition space, Renesas highlighted R-car technologies for integrated cockpit and ADAS, and more than 30 partners displayed R-car-based demo solutions.