Renesas Electronics Introduces ISL91302B, ISL91301A, and ISL91301B Multiphase PMICs with Highest Efficiency and Smallest Footprint


ISL91302B Delivers up to 20A and 94 Percent Peak Efficiency in 70mm2 Solution Size for Application Processors, AI Processors, Industrial MPUs, and FPGAs

Renesas announced three programmable power management ICs (PMICs) that offer the highest power efficiency and smallest footprint for application processors in smartphones and tablets: the ISL91302B, ISL91301A, and ISL91301B PMICs. The PMICs also deliver power to artificial intelligence (AI) processors, FPGAs, and industrial microprocessors (MPUs), and they are ideal for powering the supply rails in solid-state drives (SSDs), optical transceivers, and a wide range of consumer, industrial and networking devices. The ISL91302B dual/single output, multiphase PMIC provides up to 20A of output current and 94 percent peak efficiency in a 70mm2 solution size that is more than 40 percent smaller than competitive PMICs (Note).

In addition to the ISL91302B, Renesas’ ISL91301A triple output PMIC and ISL91301B quad output PMIC both deliver up to 16A of output power with 94 percent peak efficiency. The new programmable PMICs leverage Renesas’ R5 Modulation Technology to provide fast single-cycle transient response, digitally tuned compensation, and ultra-high 6 megahertz (MHz) (max) switching frequency during load transients. These features make it easier for power supply designers to design boards with 2mm x 2mm, 1mm low profile inductors, small capacitors, and only a few passive components.

Renesas PMICs also do not require external compensation components or external dividers to set operating conditions. Each PMIC dynamically changes the number of active phases for optimum efficiency at all output currents. Their low quiescent current, superior light load efficiency, regulation accuracy, and fast dynamic response significantly extend battery life for today’s feature-rich, power hungry devices.

“Smartphone and tablet application processors require smaller footprint power supplies and higher output current and efficiency to maximize battery life,” said Mark Downing, Vice President, Core Power Solutions Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The ISL91302B and ISL91301A/B PMICs offer designers everything they need to solve their toughest PCB layout challenges, dynamically scale performance, and extend battery run-time.”

Key Features of ISL91302B PMIC

Available in three factory configurable options for one or two output rails:

o Dual-phase (2 + 2) configuration supporting 10A from each output

o Triple-phase (3 + 1) configuration supporting 15A from one output and 5A from the second output

o Quad-phase (4 + 0) configuration supporting 20A from one output

Small solution size: 7mm x 10mm for 4-phase design

Input supply voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V

I2C or SPI programmable Vout from 0.3V to 2V

R5 modulator architecture balances current loads with smooth phase adding and dropping for power efficiency optimization

Provides 75μA quiescent current in discontinuous current mode (DCM)

Independent dynamic voltage scaling for each output

±0.7percent system accuracy for -10°C to 85°C with remote voltage sensing

Integrated telemetry ADC senses phase currents, output current, input/output voltages, and die temperature, enabling PMIC diagnostics during operation

Soft-start and fault protection against under voltage (UV), over voltage (OV), over current (OC), over temperature (OT), and short circuit


Key Features of ISL91301A and ISL91301B PMICs

Available in two factory configurable options:

o ISL91301A: dual-phase, three output rails configured as 2+1+1 phase

o ISL91301B: single-phase, four output rails configured as 1+1+1+1 phase

4A per phase for 2.8V to 5.5V supply voltage

3A per phase for 2.5V to 5.5V supply voltage

Small solution size: 7mm x 10mm for 4-phase design

I2C or SPI programmable Vout from 0.3V to 2V

Provides 62μA quiescent current in DCM mode

Independent dynamic voltage scaling for each output

±0.7percent system accuracy for -10°C to 85°C with remote voltage sensing

Soft-start and fault protection against UV, OV, OC, OT, and short circuit